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Academic Employment

Stanford University

Postdoc Research Fellow (2019-)

Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Advisor: Yi Cui, Professor



• Investigated the electrochemical behaviors of isolated lithium during battery operations.

• Studied the formation of irreversible Li deposit induced by pressure inhomogeneity.

• Advanced manufacturing technology for ceramic-based solid-state electrolytes.



University of California, Los Angeles

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (2012-2018)

Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Advisor: Yunfeng Lu, Professor

Committee: Bruce S. Dunn, Phillips Sautet, Yang Yang


Thesis: Rational design of nanomaterials for next generation lithium-sulfur batteries.


• Investigated the electron transfer pathways in lithium-sulfur batteries.

• Developed a new cell architecture to dynamically block polysulfide diffusion.

• Chemically engineered interface for lithium metal batteries.

Jilin University

B.E. in Polymer Engineering (2008-2012) (summa cum laude)

Department of Chemistry

Advisor: Lixin Wu, Professor


Thesis: Self-assembly of organic and inorganic materials

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